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Michael LeesMichael Lees

Michael Lees was recognised for his dedicated and persistent campaigning work on asbestos in schools when he received the prestigous Hazards Campaign Alan Award and a Hazards Campaign Silver Badge.

The award was presented by Eve Barker at the Hazards Conference at Keele University on the 10th July 2010 at a plenary session attended by 450 safety reps. The Alan Award was established in memory of Alan Dalton, a life-long campaigner on health and safety and the environment, who was also the author of a book, Asbestos Kills.

This award is given annually to a health and safety campaigner who has been most persistent and most 'annoying' and effective in their campaigning work. Michael, who has camapaigned relentlessly on asbestos in schools since his wife Gina, a teacher, died from mesothelioma was applauded for his work which has galvanised the support of teachers unions and asbestos support groups, MPs and the Hazards Campaign organisations.

[Photo by Mick Holder]

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