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14th December 2011 - Northern Ireland: Pleural Plaques

People suffering from the asbestos-related lung condition pleural plaques will be able to seek compensation from 14th December 2011.

12th December 2011 - Scotland: Pleural Plaques

A Supreme Court decision gives the Scottish Parliament the right to implement the Damages (Asbestos-related Conditions) Act 2009 so that pleural plaques sufferers in Scotland may now claim compensation.

Pleural Plaques

1st September 2010

The Coalition Government has honoured the Labour Government's committment to pay £5000 to pleural plaques sufferers who had made a claim for compensation prior to the Law Lord's ruling on the 17th October 2007. This is an extra statutory payment and no charge should be made by any solicitor for providing evidence that a claim had been registered prior to the 17th October 2007. We would urge anyone who has been charged by a solicitor to contact us.

For details on who is eligible for a payment please click here

Click here for more details about the campaign.

Pleural Plaques Decision

25th February, 2010
The Government announced today that it will not restore compensation for pleural plaques sufferers. Instead, all those who had a claim lodged for pleural plaques before the Law Lord's decision in 2007 will receive a payment of £5000. The number for a telephone line for enquiries will posted on the Ministry of Justice web site.
To soften this announcement, the Government has signifcantly increased some compensation payments as well as consulting on setting up an Employers' Liability Insurance Bureau. The Government has made a committment to improve research into asbestos-related diseases.
We are extremely disappointed that all pleural plaques sufferers are not to be compensated, but we welcome the significant changes the Government has made to compensation for asbestos victims.

Full details on the Ministry of Justice website . . . . click here

Forum Press Release . . . . click here

Government Delays Pleural Plaques Decision Yet Again

22 July. 2009
On the last day in Parliament before the summer recess, Jack Straw, Justice Minister, said he 'wished to give further consideration to the issue of compensation', until after the recess. This is the fourth time a promised decision has failed to materialise and has led to disapointment and dismay. It is hoped that the recess will provide the opportunity to agree the demands of asbestos victims for a return to compensation.

On a more positive note, Jack Straw indicated that the government is actively considering measures to establish the UK as a leader of asbestos-related disease research and gave a committment to examine the failure to trace insurance records. Asbestos victims support groups have welcomed these announcements.

Forum Press Release.

Response to Pleural Plaque Consultation Paper

14 August, 2008 . . . . click here

Forum supports UCATT's Pleural Plaque Campaign

UCATT presentation

February 2008
Photo of John Thompson (President UCATT) Ian McCartney MP and Tony Whitston (Chair Asbestos Forum) holding the UCATT postcard which was handed to Jack Straw, Secretary of State for Justice and has been sent to all MPs.
To read UCATT postcard.... click here

Hundreds Lobby MPs to Over Rule Plaques Decision

29 January, 2008
On the 29th January, hundreds of pleural plaques sufferers, led by the GMB trade union, met with MPs to demand that Parliament over rules the Law Lords’ decision to end compensation for pleural plaques.

Paul Kenny, GMB general secretary, and Alan Ritchie, UCATT general secretary, told MPs that some branches of their unions had been decimated by asbestos disease. Their members who suffered from pleural plaques watched with dismay as their colleagues who also had pleural plaques developed the fatal cancer, mesothelioma. They lived in fear of suffering the same fate.

Dozens of MPs attended the lobby to give their support, including Minister Nick Brown MP, George Henderson MP, Mick Clapham MP. They are to arrange a meeting with the Prime Minister to urge a change in the law to remedy this latest injustice affecting asbestos victims.

A pdf document of the day in photos is available at ... click here

thumb nail pleural plaques GMB protest
lobby crowd outside Parliament SARAG Campaigners with Paul Rowen MP
lobby crowd with MPs inside Atlee Room lobby crowd in Atlee Room
Asbestos Kills

House of Lords End Compensation for Pleural Plaques

October 2007
The Law Lords have upheld a Court of Appeal decision to end compensation for pleural plaques. Pleural plaques are localised areas of thickening of the pleura a two-layered membrane which surrounds the lungs, caused by asbestos fibres which have migrated to the pleura. Plaques usually do not cause breathlessness, but may cause anxiety because asbestos fibres in the lungs and the pleura have the potential to cause more serious asbestos related conditions.

People who have pleural plaques have a heightened risk of developing a fatal asbestos disease in the future. Compensation has been paid for over 20 years for the anxiety and fear that a diagnosis of pleural plaques causes. This judgment will cause anger and dismay to thousands of people who live each day with this fear. The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK is calling on MPs of all parties to overturn this appalling decision in Parliament.

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