Mesothelioma sufferer Reg and his family, appeals to Cape/Altrad for vital financial research donation

“From Mountain climbing to struggling to walk to the shops”

Mr Reg Harris, has kindly shared his story as to why he has joined many sufferers in support of our Cape Must Pay Campaign against Cape/Altrad. Like many others Reg’s story is heart wrenching and emotional as he and his family suffer with an un-necessary diagnosis.

In Reg’s letter to Ran Oran at Cape/Altrad Reg says “I have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma which has drastically curtailed my once fit and healthy lifestyle. I have worked most of my life in the building trade, many years as a plumber with a Local Authority on housing stock, schools and various other public buildings and use your products on a regular basis. Many years ago, when I was a young man I was exposed to the dust from these products often, but until much later on, I was not made aware of the dangers associated with using those products – you, as manufacturers were aware but chose not to make this significant information widely known – just for the sake of profit!

Reg went on to advise Ran Oran at Cape/Altrad “Until my diagnosis I had, for my recreation, a life of mountaineering. I regularly climbed in the British Isles and also trekked in mountainous areas such as the Alps, the Himalaya, South America, Poland etc. I enjoyed rock climbing, caving and just generally being in the high mountains... Now when I ought to be enjoying my retirement walking in those environments, I have difficulty in walking to the shops!”

“This shocking diagnosis, followed by the uncertainty of treatment and not knowing what the future may hold, has been extremely traumatic for me. I am especially concerned about what the future holds for my family”

“I will never come to terms with the knowledge that this disease was entirely preventable. If the warnings on the dangers of asbestos had been acted upon, I and thousands of others, would never have to endure the pain and suffering that asbestos related diseases cause”

In addition to Reg contacting Cape/Altrad , many of Regs’s family members have also written in support of our campaign. Glen Harris said “The mesothelioma that ravaged my dad’s health has had a profound affect of him, and us as family”  Glen has described how the diagnosis affects the whole family including granchildren, the symptoms Reg suffers along with the deterioration of his health. “Because of my dad’s issues, continual hospital appointments and being unable to travel in a car for any length of time due to nausea, this has resulted in both my parents going from hardly ever being around the house, to now being at home and unable to do anything”.

Reg’s wife stated “My family has been rocked by my husband’s diagnosis with Mesothelioma and that this is due to the fact he, unknowingly, was exposed to Asbestos whilst working as a plumber and was unaware of the consequences”

Another of Reg’s family members, his son Ross, advises Mr Oran “I hope you never have to suffer watching the slow, undignified deterioration of a loved one to asbestos related disease and cancer. It’s horrifying to witness someone’s vibrancy and zest for life disintegrate almost overnight”

Ross asks Cape/Altrad “To find the empathy and humanity that rises above shareholders balance sheets to right the wrongs of the past”

Heartbreakingly, Mr D Harris, asks the following questions:

“Have you ever feared for the future? Seriously feared?”

“Have you ever been angry at somebody that you don’t know for completely and utterly destroying the lives of those around you?”

“Have you ever grieved for someone who is still there, but is a shell of their former self?”

“Have you ever felt resentment towards someone for something that was completely preventable?”

“Have you ever felt guilt that you are well and someone you love will never be well again?”

“Have you ever felt deep deep sadness that a unit which was meant to be together for ever is about to be broken, leaving just one to fight alone?”

“Have you ever questioned why you deserve a place on this earth and the kindest, gentlest man you know has been told he doesn’t?”

“Have you ever panicked that you might forget a memory and the other person involved will not be there to remind you?”

“Have you ever had to come to terms to the sudden realisation that your children will never get to meet one of the biggest influences on you life?”